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Pirate Radio Hall of Fame
The Face is a show of the best Mod and Soulful grooves from the 60s to the present. Host Kurtis Powers connects the past to the present with the relevance of what he believes to be timeless music, both classic and obscure, and music today that holds the same attributes. Join him Saturday nights and you’re guaranteed to be dancing around your living room and kitchen with the songs you know and love, and swear your know, or glad you do now!

We still can’t believe it! Yes on August 14th 2010 we took our first steps into the world of Internet Radio. We have learned a lot since then, not only about software, IP addresses, hardware, microphones and mixers, but about People too. We’ve met some great personalities, most not even famous, we’ve also lost a couple of good guys too (Elvin and Ken).

Broadcasting from Kent, we hope to continue for at least another four years, maybe more, It’s all about the music.

We’d just like to thank you our listener for making this all worthwhile.

We love the old style AM Pirate Radio sound of the 60s, 70s and 80s That’s what we have achieved with Affinity Radio and are taking this to the 90s and beyond.  

Our presenters love their music and have a free hand when choosing their play lists. We can offer the variety that “terrestrial” stations can’t achieve!

Get in touch with our DJ’s via our RED BUTTON so you can tell us the type of tracks YOU want to hear and also send a message to family and friends.

Some stations keep quoting “More Music Variety” we actually deliver! We broadcast 24 hours a day, so wherever you are in the world you can still tune in for some great music and entertainment.

Kent’s Favourite Internet Station

Affinity Radio celebrates its 4th year online!

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