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Get in touch with our DJ’s via our RED BUTTON so you can tell us the type of tracks YOU want to hear and also send a message to family and friends.

Also TEXT us at      07502523760

Providing Kent with Local Internet Radio for the past 5 years, we play great tunes from the 60s, 70s, 80s and the 90s.

Our presenters love their music and have a free hand when choosing their play lists. We can offer the variety that “terrestrial” stations can’t achieve! So whether it’s pop, rock, country, punk, disco or just plain good old tunes, every day 24 hours a day give us a listen. Also catch up with a selection of past broadcasts via:

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NEW MUSIC on Affinity, we need more new music for Dave’s Saturday AM Show 9-11 am UK time so please send details and mp3 tracks you think would be suitable for our station to We will then let you know when we’ll be playing your music.

For more Affinity news  and what NEW MUSIC is coming this month go to the “GOSSIP” page

Send us your tracks in MP3 format to

Rock artists may be featured on Dave’s Thursday ROCKNITE show, so get then in too us now!


The listeners at - have nominated  Affinity Radio to be a Featured Station on this internet radio directory. Only 10 stations are nominated every month! Quote: is an internet radio station directory that lists over 13,000 radio stations from around the world - your station is one of the best.”

You can see our station here:

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New Shows On Affinity

We are proud to announce the following new shows to the Affinity Radio lineup. To find out more about these great presenters go to our DJ Profile page.